Human nature, psychology, mythology, art history, art collections and contemporary culture are all important inspiration for Angela, but it is her inner world and own journey in life that feeds each series of work…intimate, personal yet somehow speaking to the greater collective. Images can create a challenging and awkward displacement; an unreal world, a strange hybrid figure or place; deliberately unnerving interpretations of our inner and outer bodies that are at times humorous or deeply disturbing …but always a space for the viewer to question, contemplate and feel. In Angela’s world, everything is dualistic and nothing is as it seems. Humans transform into animals to symbolise what is unspoken and bodily fluids revealed remind us that we are all made of the same stuff.

The art of Angela Nagel is predominantly ceramic however she is also a printmaker and painter. Angela was born in Melbourne, Australia and has been exhibiting for over 30 years, now dividing her creative career between Australia and the Netherlands.