What Remains - Public artwork installed at Crematorium in Tilburg, NL

‘What Remains’ is for the people who are left behind when someone dies

Five human figures, four with a broken heart. Five human figures, one and a half meters high. Five ceramic human figures, all different in colour. Five human figures that represent the emotions that a person goes through in grief: denial, anger, guilt, reflection and ultimately acceptance.

"The artwork 'What Remains' by the Australian artist Angela Nagel, which was placed yesterday at the Crematorium Tilburg on the Karel Boddenweg.

At the invitation of the European Ceramic Work Center (ekwc) in Oisterwijk Angela stayed in the Netherlands for three months from last September. 

'Anger' is red, 'Denial' blindfolded, 'Guilt’ is green and 'Reflection' is focused on itself. 'Acceptance' is the only image with a whole heart. The figure looks sad, tears drip like water down to a lotus flower, the start of new life.

It was crematorium director Mariëlle van den Heuvel who took 'What Remains' to Tilburg when she heard about Nagel's work via the ekwc. We are very happy with it. It fits very well here, in a place where people mourn.

The sculptures stand on the lawn between the crematorium and the municipal cemetery, which is surrounded by a footpath so that the sculpture group can always be seen from a different position.